They have just been released today,Februrary 17, Inside the Field Office you will see an office.Filled with files on the floor,dropping file holders and what else? MORE FILES! But you will also see big cogs,bigger than in the street. You have to go a Water Cooler and get a water ballon then shoot the big cog remember this rhyme "Movers and Shakers Stole the Jokes, Other cogs drop the jokes" After the office mees-up you will encounter cogs with a caged SOS toon. After you have defeated the cogs the toon will give you an SOS card. The SOS toon spacing has been increased to 14 slots.

Cog news

Who is stronger?

This news thingy is about Lawbot Backstabber or Sellbot Mover and Shaker.I would likely go with the Mover and Shaker because his attacks can surpass even the Mr Hollywood. Pretty short right?

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