Sellbot Field Offices

You may have heard of The Sellbot Invasion their main target is Baritone Boulevard,This street is filled with Cashbo-Sigh...Someone switched my script again. Anyway,the Movers and Shakers have been rewarded with the Cog Nation I mean Field Offices.That's it :P

Glad Hander Following a Toon's Command?

WilburStorm has successfully photographed the elusive Glad Hander ju
Glad Hander Jumping at my command

Bravo Glad Hander! Bravo!

mping for him!

Here is proof.

It is extraordinary sight.And is NEVER seen before!

Toontown's Lil Oldman too harsh with Toontasks?

Lots of people are complaing " I hate Lil Oldman's Toontasks!" and 'Lil Oldman is way too harsh with toontasks!".This is true but these are to get you prepared for what's ahead.He is also a toontask master and is part of the toon council.He gives you these tasks for your own good. Don't worry,these tasks are actually not too hard if you have very high toon friends.

Here are some tips when doing Lil Oldman's Toontasks

1. Patience



This is all for The Funny Newsy News Report. See you next time.

Funny Newsy News Report is going to have a new name (update)

The news comes every two days

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