Toons everywhere came together this week to bust up the Big Wigs' big plans in a big way. The only thing better than seeing those invading Cogs explode is watching brilliant fireworks bursting in the skies - and you Toons earned it! Summer-fireworks-large

Celebrate our Toon victory over those low-down Lawbots under the colorful fireworks displays in Playgrounds. When the sky darkens over Toontown at the top of every hour, just look up to see the rockets exploding overhead.

Summer Fireworks begin today and keep right on bursting all the way through July 16.

To get the best view of the show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward.

Special summer clothes like the "fireworks" shirts, shorts, and skirts are available for a limited time in Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Stay Tooned for more Toontastic summer events, like Toon Trooper Summer Parties - coming soon!

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