Toontastic job, everyone! You put down the invading Downsizers and showed those Bossbots who the real boss is around Toontown. The next time they -- ah, excuse me a moment, Toons...

Resistance Ranger Roxanne has just handed me a Cog transmission intercepted inside the Lawbot Courthouse. Here is the decoded message (gulp):

We Big Wigs judge that the Downsizers have done their work well. All is going according to plan. Those silly little Toons’ jellybeans and gags have been downsized after the Bossbot swarm. Now we Big Wigs shall march from the Courthouse to throw the book at them.

Court is now in session! Big-Wig-MEGA!invasion-large

Big Wigs out in the streets of Toontown?? They mean business (though not surprising for a Cog, they are all about the numbers). Careful, brave Toons – this high level Lawbot is second only to the Chief Justice – and apparently very cranky too, even for a Cog. Those Big Wigs won’t be easily brushed aside.

The Toon Resistance will battle to keep these Safe Zones free of any invading Big Wigs:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield
Giggly Hills Goofy Valley
Silly Valley Zany Acres

Grab your best gags and stick together! Unite to help your fellow Toons bust the Big Wigs! Now where is my Seltzer Bottle? I knew I should have cleaned up my office…

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