So you read the title, eh? Wanna know what I have planned? Well read this blog! Alrighty, well I have planned that on Saturday of January 22nd, I can make a photo shoot of the "toons" who edit here! With all of us togather in one screenshot! Doesn't that sound good?

The toons that will be in the following photo shoot are:

  • Me (apparently, lol)
  • Man for the job
  • GamerPerson
  • JellyrollZillerwig
  • Lion Blaze
  • Sonic767
  • KingdomDemyx
  • Pajarete1234

Etc. Info You need to know

Date: January 22 2011 7:30 am (USA) 12:30 (UK) (I think its a 5hr time difference, correct?)

District: Zany Acres (its quite there, and theres nobody really in MML in that district)

Location: Minnie's Melodyland

Area:By Fishing Pound


Sound good? :D

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