Clarabelle, Toontown’s top Toon designer, has been working hard creating wacky and wonderful new accessories for Toons to wear – and Clarabelle's Big Cattlelog Surprise is finally here! Accessories1

Toons can now really stand out and express themselves with the latest, most Toontastic accessory items available in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. Shoes, glasses, backpacks and hats – now Toons can wear it all!
And that’s just for starters…
When she had the brilliant idea to create the zaniest, most way-out accessories for her Cattlelog, Clarabelle went straight to Professor Preposterous at Loony Labs for help. After all, when you’re designing amazing stuff like scuba tanks, dragonfly wings and jet packs, who better to ask than the Toon Scientists?

Getting your new accessories is a snap! First go to Clarabelle’s Cattlelog and buy a new trunk for storing your accessories. Accessories can only be kept in a trunk, not your usual wardrobe.

Then start browsing all the amazing accessory choices! Just like regular Cattlelog items, it takes Clarabelle about an hour to ship accessories right to your Estate mailbox.

TOON TIP: If you don’t yet see the new trunk in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry! The trunk will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Once you buy the trunk, it takes a day to ship, so you’ll have to wait until you receive your trunk before getting your first accessories out of your mailbox.

Call Clarabelle today and look your Toontastic best for summer, because this first batch of Toontastic accessories is only just the beginning!

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