Recently, this morning (7-7-11) I was in river I went to Toontown Central and all these white horse bots and some hacker named toon85121 or something were all bots! I also saw a red dog named Fritz annoucing he will ban people. This is dangerous situation, reccomend to stay away from these very dangerous hackers. This is why toontown must have been unavailable yesterday. I noticed that Toon Valley and Zany Acres were full. I was curious and teleported to Zany Acres. Surprisingly I saw a bunch of Sea Green cats (I think they apart of Team FD), there were hundreads. A few seconds later, toontown was closing for an update so I logged out.

Update1: Recently, heard that they are planning on to making millions of bots and fillining up all the districts to make them all full so nobody will be able to get on ToonTown.

Update2: All the districts are full!

Update3: Toontown has fixed this problem, but this may come back but hopefully not.

Different Bots seen in this Event:

  • White Horses
  • Sea Green Cats
  • White Cats
  • Red Dogs
  • Orange Horses
  • Blue Cats
  • Royal Blue Monkeys
  • Sea Green Rabbits
  • Red Cats

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