Many, many Toons keep asking if any accessories will come around again in the Cattlelog. Leave it to Clarabelle to satisfy your dizzy shopping demands, Toons! Classic-accessories-large

Look for these classic favorites to start popping up in your Cattlelogs now: zany goodies like the pirate hat, sombrero, nerd glasses, aviators, 3-D movie glasses,cowboy hat, mini-blind sunglasses, golf hat, party hat, shark fin, dragonfly wings, jet pack, cowboy boots, wingtips, black & white hi tops --WHEW-- and lots more!

Whether you’re a new Toon on the scene, or you just missed these Toontastic items the first time around, now’s your chance to grab up these classic accessories!

If you are a new Toon, make sure you buy a trunk first before buying your accessories. It takes a day for your trunk to ship, then start shopping for those accessories. Clarabelle will send the accessories you purchase right to your mailbox in an hour.TrunkChest

TOON TIP: If you buy accessories before you receive your trunk, leave your first accessories in your mailbox until you get your trunk inside your Toon house. After all, you have to be able to stash those accessories somewhere!

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