I've have some funny news. Yesterday night (April 7th, 2013), I was attending a Toons United VP run on my lower toon, Von Wildcorn (60 laff) and I saw something unexpected...

About 5-6 chubby ducks all with red firefighter hats. Doing different emotes at the same time, they were brothers they said. 

Particularly, I was wearing a firefighter hat and they asked me to join them :D We entertained the toons that were waiting in the pit by doing a flow of emotes after another. 

Then when the run started, I came along with the ducks with two other toons, a bear and horse.

It was completely unexcepted..Hey, have you guys have ever seen them? Btw, they're not hackers. They are brothers. The SOS was Lil Oldman.

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