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  • I live in inside my laptop
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Cog Crusher
  • I am Male
  • ToontasticToon212

    ' Well hello there fellow Toontown Wiki toons , I haven't been here in awhile [well actually I've been kinda stalking wiki on and off] but let me cut to the chase, so I heard that Jesse Schell mentioned that he is still' working on the original Toontown Online coming back...Do you guys believe it will actually return or no? To me I really am not looking forward to it coming back because I honestly DO NOT feel like paying a subscription every month again......

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Farewell Toontown

    September 21, 2013 by ToontasticToon212

    I am so sad that this game closed. It was part of my childhood and I shall never forget all the memories that I spent playing, exploring, fighting cogs, glitching and being with all my toonfriends. It's even sadder because I wasn't even there logged in on the last day. 

    I will forever miss Toontown. I hope they make Toontown 2, most likey not but one can hope... :(

    Toons Won. Cogs Lost.

    Rest in Peace 

    Yippie - Rocco - Von

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Toons rallied against the Glad Handers' under-handed trick, but the real (bird)brains behind this sinister scheme have landed – proving 'bot birds of a feather strike together!

    Legal Eagles fly high in the Lawbot pecking order, and very rarely leave their rusty roosts in Cog buildings. So beware their skillful "talons" in the art of making Toons sad!

    The Toon Resistance reports Legal Eagles landing on Friday at these times:

    3am - 6am PST    -    10am - 1pm PST   -    5pm - 8pm PST

    Resistance Rangers are battling bird-brain 'bots non-stop to keep these Districts clear from invading Cogs:

    • Crazy Grove
    • Gigglyfield
    • Giggly Hills
    • Goofy Valley
    • Silly Valley
    • Zany Acres

    Target the Legal Eagles' weak spot with Storm Cloud gags, and defend Toontown until those Lawbot…

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  • ToontasticToon212

    What a sweet week! Double jellybeans keep pouring in from Fishing, Toon Parties, and playing all Trolley Games. But remember - Jellybean Week ends at midnight Friday, June 14 (Toontown Time).

    Fill your bean bank for a sweet summer, and jump into the jellybean fun today - there's still time to host or go to Toon Parties for extra beans too! Find out by clicking here.

    How are YOU spending all your extra beans?

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  • ToontasticToon212

    Thank you to all Toons who took a swing in this past week’s Acorn Acres Invitational!

    For five frantic days of madcap minigolf, Toons sank scores of hole-in-one shots on the fairway. Those scores are still being counted up, and winners will be announced soon!

    Minigolf winners with the most “holes-in-one” will be posted soon in an upcoming issue of Toon News… For the Amused! The all-new golfing outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned!

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