I don't know if I've talked about this before or not. Forgive me if I have.

There is a list of files I like to work on:

I regularly like to go through and delete the files that are not being used by any page. Ok, I might not be sure how many people actually search for existing files. Mostly it seems everyone just likes to upload new ones. But I want to have at least a degree of control over what files there are on the wiki. Call me crazy...

So what I want to say is this: If there's something on that list that you want then use it on a page before it's gone.

I will not delete images used in templates or badges. For some reason those also appear on the list.

There's a lot of little toon face icons that I think were reserved for toontask pages. Will those be used? I've been saving them for a while.

The only exception to the rule is that sometimes I use the wiki to host some images used on They are the partner of the wiki so I think it is relevant. Images that I know are used there I won't delete.

If you have anything you need me to save, or any comments on my cleaning policy, just let me know.

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