I believe the wiki is eligible for adoption again. So this is my blog post to promote myself for the position.

This is why I think I would be a great bureaucrat...

  • I have almost 8,000 edits on the wiki (with about half of them in "main"). The only other user with as many edits is Bermuda, who is not competing.
  • I have helped the users with their questions and concerns.
  • I have been a faithful administrator for several months.
  • I have added hundreds of articles to the wiki.
  • I have been diligent at removing spam.
  • I have helped organize the wiki and its projects.
  • I am a trusted member of the community.

I want to continue making this the best wiki in the world. However, I will need your support. Please respond with your vote for my promotion or any questions you may have about my campaign.

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