Over the years, I've noticed many patterns in the game. One of those patterns is in Toon Species and the personalities of the people who control them.

This is by no means official, so don't get mad at me! This is just some of the trends I've seen. (It's kind of like a zodiac.)

Dogs are very common and popular. Their personalities vary a lot, but they usually like to socialize and they have many friends.

Cats are also extremely popular and social. Sometimes they have a strong sense of pride. Over half of all cats are female. Black cats are the most popular color.

Ducks are funny. They are friendly most of the time, but sometimes they also like to do things their own way or do things alone. They are usually willing to help others if they ask.

Mice are very common. They tend to be younger players, and they make up a large portion of the non-member community. They are almost always very kind and friendly, but sometimes they can get angry easily.

Horses, Pigs, and Bears tend to be older players. They are usually patient. They are not as popular with other, but they are nice to everyone. They love to progress their toons to high laff levels. There are lots of them in Nutty River working in Cog Headquarters. Most of them have funny and unique names.

Monkies and Rabbits range a lot in appearance, age, laff and behavior; however, they are almost always funny and friendly.

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