A member contacted me about an idea he had. He was wondering if we could form a group of users who haven't quite reached the rollback rights but still want to be recognized for their work. I was wondering if we could add a username colored group for users like that (in the MediaWiki.css). But I have no idea what to call it (maybe Super Users/Editors?).


  • Never been blocked for rule breaking.
  • Have over 750 edits in "Main" or over 1000 edits combined.
  • Must have joined the wiki at least two weeks ago (although you don't have to have a badge. You can miss days).
  • You must request this group. (It will not be given automatically.)

Other Information

  • This username color (we need to decide what it will be) will let others know that you are a good wiki member.
  • Once their request is accecpted, a user will not lose this. Even inactivity will not cause them to be ineligible. They may have it removed upon request or if they advance to a higher rank (rollback/admin).

Fellow admins, please share your thoughts...

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