The craziest ideas I come up with...

Every toon can begin training for this track once they have 110 laff points.

  1. Visit Flippy and he will explain it to you
  2. Complete gag training tasks to prove your worthiness. They will not be for noobs.
  3. Finally visit the silly meter and charge your gloves with silliness.

Unlike other gags, you do not actually "buy" glove attacks, but you must allow them to "recharge". The number of experience points needed to get the next gag are much lower than other gags because they can only be used every once in a while. When used, they will fly off of a toon's hands and perform the action on their own. The attacks do a flat damage. They cannot be combined with others. Using it with lure will not give a lure bonus and will not "awaken" the cog. They also have medium accuracy.

Level Name Description Damage Recharge (minutes) Training Req.
1 Slap A glove floats over to the cog's face and slaps it. If the cog swipes it away, this gag will miss. 15 5 No training
2 Tickle A glove will take a feather from nowhere and tickle the cog. 25 10 10
3 Poke A glove will float up to the cog's face and poke it in the eyes. 40 15 30
4 Stain A glove will offer the cog a pen, and when he takes it, it will leak ink on his suit 60 30 90
5 Spin The gloves will spin around the cog's head faster and faster. The cog will get dizzy. 90 60 250
6 Mallet One glove will distract the cog while another will pull out a mallet from nowhere and hit the cog on the head. 140 120 700
7 Gift The gloves present a present to the cog and when he opens it, there is a bomb inside. It will explode and remove all of the cog's health. All 720 1500

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