First of all, let me say that I am impressed. This wiki has come a long way since I first joined it almost a year ago. I care about it a lot and there are still a lot of things I want to do here. All the users are awesome and I've learned a whole lot.

But I know I haven't been very active lately. Many of you have surely noticed that. I'm sorry about it, but I'm afraid it might just get worse. Lately my health has been keeping me from doing a whole lot, including stuff on the internet. It's too hard to explain, but there is no need for you to worry about me. The point is, I will probably only be visiting briefly and scarcely for about the next month. You can call me inactive or semi-active or something like that, but I will eventually return to full activity again.

Thank you for reading and continue having a Toontastic time!'

I am active once again. This message is obsolete.

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