I think the time has come to change the case of the wiki's article titles to match other wikis.

Now if you're asking "Evina, what are you talking about?" then I have the answer.

Notice how all titles of pages on the wiki have the first letter of each word capitalized except for some small ones. This means all articles are consistent in using "title case".

Title case is only supposed to be used in titles about characters or names locations. If it is about anything else, then it should use "normal case". This means that most words except for the first word should not begin with a capital letter.

Title case rules

  • Used for the tile of proper nouns. This includes characters, named buildings/locations, and named events.
  • Every word has its first letter capitalized, unless the word is a, an, and, or of.
  • Those words that should not be capitalized will still be capitalized if the title begins with them.

Normal case rules

  • Used for everything that won't work with title case. This applies to only pages that are not spelled out in the game.
  • Every word should be lowercase except for the first letter of the first word.
  • A word that is not the first word may be capitalized if it itself is a proper noun.

Now this may be difficult to understand. So do not volunteer to help unless you're fairly certain you understand it.

Also, to make sure that all names are looked at, volunteers may be assigned a range of titles to work on.

I think we should leave the redirects from the old names. That way we won't be forced to edit every article as well because many of the links will be broken. What do you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions to add to this then please comment. When most of the active users have agreed on it then I will give the go.


  • Project completed.

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