This blog post exists as a record of the bot operation on August 6th, 2011.

Bermuda and I agreed that there were some categories that were either duplicates of others or no longer needed. So my bot, EvinaBot, completed the following operation tonight. The following categories were removed from all pages they were in, and then deleted afterwards.

  • Cog Battles
  • Level 1 Cogs
  • Level 2 Cogs
  • Level 3 Cogs
  • Level 4 Cogs
  • Level 5 Cogs
  • Level 6 Cogs
  • Level 7 Cogs
  • Level 8 Cogs
  • Level 9 Cogs
  • Level 10 Cogs
  • Level 11 Cogs
  • Level 12 Cogs.

About 400 edits were made (but unfortunately, I didn't keep an exact count).

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