Those Cogs just can't let us Toons "brie" - now they're bringing out their big boss Bossbots for one last try to takeover Toontown in a Big Cheese Squeeze!

Beware The Big Cheese Squeeze

Watch it, Toons! These mechanical Muensters are second only to the CEO and can be *pheww* quite strong. The Big Cheese invaders will try to wedge themselves into Toontown this Monday, September 16 and Tuesday, September 17 at these times both days:               3am - 6am         10am - 1pm         5pm - 8pm     (all Pacific Time)

Just in queso you'd like to miss the Bossbot invasions altogether, you'll be GRATEful to know these Districts are cleared into safe zones:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield
Giggly Hills Goofy Valley
Silly Valley Zany Acres

Toons of the World Unite, and let's show these cheesy Cogs who's the real boss of Toontown! (this oughta be Gouda)

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