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    ...So, it has finally come.

    September 19, 2013 by The JoTS

    In 2005, Tricky Megabouncer was thrust into ToonTown and over a period of 3 years, playing with friends over the phone, grown to a 96 Laff.

    In 2008, not long after Bossbot HQ released, I quit due to my declining interest and tediousness of my current ToonTasks. However, since the ToonTown Blog released, I always checked up on it awaiting for the time when that tunnel in Chip & Dales would finally disclose its street it had been reverently guarding. Whenever that blog post would come, I claimed I would come running back.

    However, on an arbitrary checkup on the blog, ToonTown's impending closure was just announced and the news was brought to my attention. I was saddened, but admittedly, I wasn't terribly disturbed; however, I didn't exactly fo…

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