This is one of the most major reasons I go sad trying to solo the factory. Ok, this takes place in the warehouse.

The first thing I do is.

  • Easily make it across goons, occasionally step on some.
  • Go to warehouse where cogs are guarding goon buttons and the unlock button.
  • Lure the cogs.

Ok, here is where the whole thing starts. When I attack a Level 4 Cog in the Cog Group with my Organic Whole Fruit Pie, ( it's usually a Telemarketer. ) I hit the lured cog, but the weird thing is that it almost always does not have knockback, and its a problem for me. It ends up with the slow flashing red light ( when it needs 1-3 more damage points to explode ). And it attacks me. I end up losing 12-24 laff points because of the Telemarketers ( or other cogs ). And I can't use sound because it will wake up the cogs, and I only have a -16 Aoogah. Can somebody please explain why this happens, and a good strategy to prevent the happening with the cog having no knockback? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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