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    Hi Guys. Again I have been long gone, so sorry about that. I have been studying microbiology and genetics. That's why. Anyway, I haven't been on Toontown (game) for really long. So I have been watching videos. And I found this trailer from MadToontownReturns, a fairly popular Toontown video uploader. His last movie was COG, a movie that is about 5 toons in a cog building and one of them is a cog. This user is making a very new exciting movie. Based on the movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this is basically the same thing except with doodles and toons. I have put the trailer up here. I am just telling because I was really excited. I have also seen a trailer of the Hunger Games. This is an off-topic blog, I guess. Just watch the trailer…

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  • The Epic Toon

    Absence Apology

    October 31, 2011 by The Epic Toon

    Sorry for not being on for a long time. It has been really busy. I have been getting lots of homework, and I am working on a new Wiki called Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron Wiki. It is going very well. Althought a little difficult because I have to get on the game and press Prnt Scrn, then open paint, paste it, edit it to crop it, then save it as a png file. If you want you guys can come help this wiki. Anyway, sorry for my long abscence.

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  • The Epic Toon

    I am pretty sure you guys have heard of Toonbook. If you haven't heard of Toonbook, let me tell you.

    Toonbook is a Toontown fansite created by Youtube User Joey19982. He is a well-known top authority member of the LEAF Clan. His toon name is Sir Max. Toonbook was created in 2011. The purpose of Toonbook is to work as a Facebook, except Toontown style. It has groups for clans, etc.

    So, I was thinking, maybe WE could join Toonbook, and the people of Toonbook join us. Then that way, we can discuss topics, and have just for fun chats. Then, that way we can also probably get more members on this Wiki from Toonbook. And we could help them in return. Again, like I said this is just an idea. I need to know what you guys think. I think it is a great …

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    Top Toon Nonimee!

    October 1, 2011 by The Epic Toon

    As you probably saw in Bermuda's blog for the Top Toon for November 2011, I have been nomineed for a Top Toon! This is my first time! Oppurtunites don't come like this for me. I would like to thank Toontown Wiki, for helping me help a wiki, and in return doing this! It is amazing. I just could not believe it when I saw myself on there. Please vote for me! I promise I will watch over the Wiki if I become a Rollback as well! Thank you Toontown Wiki!

    Special Thanks to...

    • Theevina
    • Bermuda
    • GamerPerson
    • ToontasticToon212
    • FlyingSquirrel192
    • Wilburstorm
    • Flower1470

    You have inspired me to contribute to this wiki, and like I said in return, for doing this for me and for everyone on this wiki! I wish good luck to all the nonimees!

    The Wiki's Truly,
    The Epic Toon…
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  • The Epic Toon

    The wiki's birthday.

    September 29, 2011 by The Epic Toon

    Well, I just got this GREAT idea. I don't know why or how, but suddenly I popped up with an idea of the Wiki's Birthday. And on the wiki's birthday, which I don't know what was the day this wiki was created, we should do like a meeting on Toontown. Like a whole reunion of us contributors on Toontown. It would be great. Like,

    1. We can have parties
    2. We can go to house parties
    3. And toons can True Friend eachother.
    4. And have a good time.

    Ok here how many years/months/days it is until the birthday date :)

    • Years = 0
    • Months = 6
    • Weeks = 30-31
    • Days = 188

    Well, I think this is awesome, but I'm just saying, like, I need to know what you guys thing. I would think it is an awesome idea. Well, I hope you guys like this idea. Long Live Wiki!

    The Epic Toon - The Talk of …

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