Lawbot HQ Under Siege01:00

Lawbot HQ Under Siege

Cogs have TV?

Since when did Cogs have TV? Do they have houses like Toons? Robot Doodles? Robot gag trees?

And I can't believe that, at the end, they showed the Bossbot HQ and no one saw it coming. I mean, if it's about Lawbot HQ, why would they show a table full of Corporate Raiders?


CogTV Is Toontown Coming Alive?00:31

CogTV Is Toontown Coming Alive?


In this one, they show a Cog building in ToonTown and someone using a wedding cake on a Cold Caller.

Unless that Cold Caller was doing steriods and managed to clone himself and make a Cog building, I'm not sure what Disney was thinking. ._.

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