Well, I(TheProfessorPete) have gone into some research about the 2003 Trailer where on the top left corner it shows something grey with fences.And people say if you look at the left it looks like a superbowl or something but that's just Goofy Speedways in another fashion.Also the map is WAY off.I mean if you look at Toontown Central, why does Toon Hall lead to Minnies?

More info about Goofy Speedway is that it had 3 Streets.1 street is Loopy Lane leading to Goofy speedways. The 2nd street is Elm Street.The 3rd is a Unknown Named Street leading to the "Funny Farms/Chairman".

Also every neighborhood(Not TTC) has no platform meaning no gag shops or anything, it just shows the tunnels.My good eye in TTC suspects a tunnel, my hypothesis thinks it's the trolley.The tunnel has tracks that's how I think it's the trolley and since the tunnel is in Goofyspeedway and of course you can't have a tunnel in OLD toon hall.They had to delete the trolley tracks tunnel and put a tire tunnel for Goofyspeedway and change the DNA.Also remove all the other tunnels except for the latest(tire).

Now editing of the map.They should at least fix the problems by, placing "Minnies" to the place where "Daisy Garden" is so Loopy Lane will look exact, Also Goofy goes to the hills, Donald goes to where Goofy is and leave a empty space where Donald is so if they add a new playground from the tunnel Chip & Dales they can put it there for success as the map.

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