Hey toons! Or fans!

This is the Lizard Clan wiki. The old one was deleted.

Here are some true facts about lizard clan!

1.) It was made by Lizard, and it is owned by her.

2.) There are still lizards in the clan, that joined when it was first made.

2.) The LIZARD CLAN was the FIRST Clan in toontown online!

3.) This clan is the biggest clan on toontown. *It has over 200 members.*


1. Leader(Lizard)

2. Co-leader (100 laff)

3. Recruiter(101 laff)

4. Full Grown Lizard(Up to 100 laff and at 41 laff)

5. Member (Less than 40 laff)

Endless Lizard was the first one to make Lizard Clan awards.

Famous Lizards TODAY:


•Golden Lizard

•Endless Lizard

•Famous Lizzard

•Loopy Lizard

•Da Lizard Of Oz

•Hot Coco Lizard


•Infernic Lizard







Chihuahua Clan (Cream Dogs)

Fireball Clan (Orange Cats)

Crocodile Clan (Green Dogs)

Lobster Clan (Red Dogs)

LEAF Clan (Green Animals)

Wolf Clan (Periwinkle Dogs)

Endless Tribe (Black Cats)

Rain Clan (Blue Cats)




'Doctor Clan'


''''''Lizard Clan Rules-''''''

''''1.) Get out of TTC in 3 or less days.''''

''''2.) Do most of your tasks on your own.''''

''''3.) Do not bug the leader(s) every second.''''

''''4.) Get the doodle named Lizard.''''

''''5.) Do not get people to join unless you are at the recruiter laff.''''

''''6.) Be nice to each other, or it will cause a kick-out.''''

''''7.) No causing wars with other clans, *We do not do WARS!*''''

''''8.) Help each other.''''


'''''''•••Do Not Edit This•••'''''''

'''''''WE DO MUSIC VIDEOS.'''''''

'''''''--Famous Lizards that make videos:'''''''


'''''''Golden Lizard'''''''

'''''''Endless Lizard'''''''

'''''''Baby Endless Lizard'''''''

'''''''Insane Lizard'''''''

'''''''Famous Lizzard'''''''


''''''''''We are friendly, and you can find us in Boingyboro, in any district! (:''''''''''


Lizard 0001

What they look like:Medium Lavender Dogs.You can have any color legs, and arms.But keep the head Lavender. - Lizard.


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