Hey guys! Its been a while since I've done one of these.

Here is some news for ya!

Christmas was a few days ago, did you enjoy it? If you dont celebrate christmas then, have a happy holiday! On the wiki on the front page a put a picture to say hi.

In other news:

Operation Rhino Pounce is back on, she was found and she did say sorry but she started another arguement. Jelly is undercover as a agent ( I think ). Ill give you more news as I get it.

Jelly has launched a search clan to find hackers, it is an add on to my clan Super Toons, it will be coming up in 2011.

I now have 3000 edits! Its exciting, very cool too! I can't wait to get 4000, I have more than 3000 on other wikis.

I am launching a few projects which are coming soon! Stay Tooned.

ToontasticToon212 has launched the Toontown Fanon Wiki, you can post fanfictions and more on there! Im an admin and bureacrat there so go check it out! Please, its real good and theres a few fictions and made up Cogs there. Also give me or Toontastic some ideas for it.

I have finally decided to join the Dr Who wiki (Tardis Index File), I love Dr Who and so does Jelly so we've both joined!

Phew, well thats all from me!

Before you go... would you like a Jelly baby? No, oh ok. Ok. From me and my desktop dalek, Happy Holidays and have a cool new year!

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