Welcome to the first ever issue of my news in 2011! Well have I got some news for you!

Well, as you may know, I have set up a weekly poll on the front page, I will be changing it every week.

Last weeks question was:

Whats your fav Gag track?

The winner was: Sound.

In other news:

I am adding more to the forums, feel free to help me! Also I am asking for your opinion on the front page, when Flippers comes on, I will ask him about re- doing the front page also I will tell him that we need to get rid of spamemers, and that we need more admins.

Cheese0 has not been very active and nether has Flippers. But Flippers has computer problems so when he comes on im not gonna ask him why he hasn't been on.

Anyway I am doing the best I can but a special thank you to everyone who helps by contributing to the wiki. but I have to say these spammers are tough to get rid of!

In other news,

Have you heard of the Toontown Fanon wiki? Its a wiki created by our ToontasticToon212, to make fanfictions about Toontown, make a made up cog, or Toon, or make a profile about a real Toon.

I am a admin there, buracrat there and we are good at making fanfictions. Here is the link to the wiki, be sure to check it out! Toontown Fanon Wiki

Well, thats it from me!!! From me and my desktop dalek, bye bye!

Man for the job

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