Welcome to another issue of My News! This issue is early because of all the fantastic news we have!


Jellyroll the cat

Good News! Me, Jellyroll Zillerwig, and Yippie have defeated Jellyroll the cat! He has gave up, and thanks to me and my friends, he is gone! He has sworn not to come back but he says that one day he SHAll come back so if he does then we will give you more news!

Goodbye Jellyroll Zillerwig.........

I have some sad sad news, Jellyroll Zillerwig (who is on this wiki) has decided to stop playing Toontown (apologies if you have changed your mind) Goodbye Jelly, you have been a fantastic friend, thanks for helping me and my friends through the bad times (Jellyroll the cat, ect) , but we hope you still edit here and on wikia!

UPDATE: Jelly hasn't quit TT, yay!


On my last issue of My News I mentioned that I could adopt the wiki as Flippers is inactive, or I could become a buracrat instead, but I want YOUR views on this! Tell me if I should become a crat or if I should adopt the wiki.

The All New My News!

I have some exciting news! I am launching some new features to My News, starting in this issue! Look below for some new features!

Top Users

Welcome to the all new Top Uses section, I have moved this from my user page to here! Incase you don't know what happens, I will tell you. Each time My News comes out, I will list 3 top users of our Wiki!

  1. Berumda
  1. GamerPerson
  1. JellyrollZillerwig

Whats Hot and What's Not!

Hot: Toontown Wiki

Not: Spammers!


Well thats all from us this time! Look out in the next issue for more new features! I would just like to say a special thanks to the hardworking users of our wiki, also I would like to thank the users who helped me through the time when Jellyroll the cat tried to get rid of me.

Well from me and my Tardis, goodbye!

Bonkers 2010

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