I have alot to discuss and alot to share. First up:

The Forums

As you may know, I have been updating the forums, I think we should spread the index around the wiki, e.g: Front Page. Also, I am looking for people to help me edit the forums and give me ideas, if you want to help me, please leave a comment.

Admin Requirments

I've been thinking, with the amount of users who want to be an admin, we should set some more requirments. I thought of some earlier,

  1. Must edit the Wiki regulary
  2. Give an effort to comment on blogs,
  3. Edit at least 10 pages, (all different)

Thats all I could think of, give me your ideas and thoughts on this.


When I became an admin, ( back in August I think) Flippers told me we would have meetings so I had to be active, should we start that up again? And what would we cover? Should it be Admins only?


I am sorry to declare, this wiki has only 25 active users (GamerPerson found out how many so thank you.) Well we think anyway, I think we should get more people involved, but how? Otherwise, one day we will be behind in the times.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, sorry if these issues were boring, but I think they should be brought up. Thanks for your time.

- Man for the job.

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