Firstly I'd like to say a big well done to Theevina who is now our newest admin! Congrats and a note to fellow admins, please update all pages concerning admins. Thank you and well done Theevina.

Also, I'd like to clear something up, the following was taken from my message to Theevina.

and about your question on active bureos, I will be active, I'm worried everyone is going to go to wikia and have my rights removed when I'll only been inactive for a while, I will be leaving, but not for long. I'll stay a few more years yet

–Me, message to Theevina

As you have just seen, I would be happy if nobody changed my name to semi active as yes I will be leaving, but the good part is ----- only for a few weeks, but I will try everyday to come on. Anyway, well done Theevina and I hope you can make us proud.

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