Well it's been about a year and a half since I looked through my archives. It's also summer vacation for me at the moment, which often does end up leading to boredom. While looking I once again found this site again. Guess I'll update anyone who still cares about any older members (and the fact that I really don't have much better to do). 

Well to start off, I've gotten to the point where I hardly ever talk with grammar like this anymore. i mostly just say one senetence at a time without any capitalization or punctuation. A lot of people seem to talk like that nowadays. laziness maybe..? 

In my "update post", I said I migrated to a game called roblox. Well I still play it. Sometimes that is. Similar to every other game I play, I sometimes just grow out of it or grow tired of it. This time I've actually migrated (why I use the term migrated so much I don't know) to Team Fortress 2. I have however been growing kind of tired of gaming atm and have been getting interested in other matters. 

The other thing I'm interested now is animation. I've had a lot of inspiration lately to just make short films and the such  in general. Thing about being a lone wolf renegade animation though, is that you have to do everything else besides animate. Creating storyboards and scripts is another natural talent for myself, but the obstacle that prevents any kind of quality work I try to aim for is design (basically drawing). I've never seemed to of get a grasp on drawing. Practice makes perfect though. 

So to answer my own question. I am going through a sort of "nostalgia" phase right now. I haven't considered the fact of getting back in to toontown (I don't really want to either), but I have considered getting back on it and playing for ole times sake. Revisiting your past can sometimes yield a better future (in terms of gaming though it's mostly just to satisfy your "what to do" quality). 

After reading this, you may be wondering "what's the point of this why are you telling us about your life do you think we care??????" I guess you could say this was more of a personal thing for me, and the fact that there are still some of you asking "whatcha been up to lately". Well this is it I guess. 

but wait there's more!! 

i really hate my name. the next name i chose after quitting toontown was "slayer". believe it or not, i accidentally discovered the word while entering a profile name for a gamecube game when i was a very tiny child. the default profile name was "player" and i ingeniously changed the "p" to an "s" and then proceed to be shocked by my very obvious originality. 

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