Random thing of the week is back again!

Random thing: MMORPG's: What other mmorpgs do you play? I usually just play Pirates of the Caribbean online. What else do you guys play? Or do you just play Toontown.


Disney: We pretty much know what Disney has. The prices are sorta expensive but give it a shot if you really want to.

Sony Online Entertainment: These guys make great mmorpgs. Like Star Wars Galaxies, DC Marvel (I think thats what its called.) Pirates of the Burning Sea, and more. However, these awesome things come at a price, a big one. The games, if you want membership, usually cost 15.00 a month. They do have a lifetime membership thing at random prices. Usually 200.00 bucks! Thats a lot of cash!

Bioware: I don't know much about these guys. I'm not sure if they made any more, but the only known mmorpg I know of is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, this game is still in devolopment and the release date is still unknown. Some people say its gonna be released later this spring. There is not much known about this game. check it this website for more.

Well thats it for this issue! Thanks for Reading!

What's Sonic767's powerlevel? OVER 9,000!!!! 23:50, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

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