Hello users! I am starting the new thing called Random thing of the week! It will be something that is totally random. It could be cool, it could be funny, it could be ANYTHING!


Random thing: I was on Xbox live and I downloaded a demo caled DB: Raging Blast. Yeah its cool but you only get 1 mode to play in and got 3 people to choose from. One is this dude with spikey black hair that can turn into some gold powerful freak. I think his name was Goku? Yeah the next guy was some green alien named Piccolo. He's pretty cool because he can fire a death lazer of death. Then the last guy also has black hair named Radiz I believe. Yeah he's sort of cool. I'm done.

UPDATE: I just found out that the DB stands for Dragon Ball. Hmm.... I guess thats cool. Okay you can Comment now.

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