Blogs are ways to help express yourself and to just put it however you want. I been getting multiple questions stating how to make one. WELL I guess i'll show you then. 1st you need to come up with your OWN Idea. Don't steal anyone else's or you will get grieved at. 2nd. Decide what you will put on your blog. It might just be a question about something or it might be something like my Blog The POPULAR BLOG. 3rd, finish up the blog and make sure you did complete sentences. 4th, SPREAD THE WORD! You need to get people to know about your blog if youy want people to comment on it. That was my way to start the Popular Blog and I hope you guys out there will make your own blogs. Alright, that concludes this tutorial, have a nice day or night or evening! Sonic767 00:43, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

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