Hello fellow users. Have you been wondering why I've been so busy lately? Well I will tell you, I am helping developing a huge add on pack (Pretty much a new game. It just uses the game's engine.) Its called: Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons. Its a new thing for the old game called Pirates of the Caribbean. Orginally going to be called sea dogs 2. Now, I usually do not code with the game, I'm one of the game testers. The team has been working really hard on it too. It has brand new things in it too. This was started around 2008 and we have gotten all the way to a public Beta 1 patch 6. We started out in all the Alpha Stages so we have come a long way. It still has tons of bugs in it but we are doing our best to fix them. Well, thats why I am so busy. COMMENT.

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