Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Toontown Online must be "Profitable by the end of 2013" or else it will close. As with no recent advertisments or decent updates, it must be it. Hackers are getting worse and worse from spelling "words" to terroising toons.

During this Era, this post will show the ending signs of Toontown Online.

April 2013

Lazy Newsletter Layouts: One thing i noticed that Disney was too lazy to make a new newsletter, so they bought out the old one and they changed the text drastically and toon positions, which do not look any different at all.

June 2013

10 Years Dissapointment: All they bought out is a hat, shirt, and some toon troopers slapped in. What Disney doesn't know is that its rare for a MMORPG to hit TEN YEARS, making them lose hope.

Glad Hander "Truce": Toons may think that this is going to be a big update, but then to their disappointment, it wasn't. Hackers started invading Toontown like crazy, resetting districts and causing mayhem.

July 2013

DDOS Attack: What happens if you don't take care of hackers? THIS HAPPENS. Toons are being falsely terminated by hackers and they have been causing DDOS attacks which mean messing around with everyone's personal info and wi-fi. The attack is now over, but some hacking devices remain.

End?: Some hacker mentioned about a Toontown "deadline" which is expected to be in September 2013. It could be true or false.

Bot Attack: As it gets nastier from here, Bots have been filling up the servers like crazy, causing toons to lag badly and servers to fill up. Toontown then shut down for maintence for over 18 Hours. Still, the problem has not been fixed.

August 2013

Closure: Toontown announced that it will be closing it's doors on August 19th. That must mean that Disney has given up on the bots and given up hope, meaning that hackers have won.  

September 2013

Toontown Online closes: It's all over.

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