2001-2003 The Beta Era

2003-2004 The Olden Era

2005-2008 The "Hollywood" Era

2008-2010 Post-Cog HQ Era

2010 - Early 2011 Publicity/Digital Era

2012-2013 - Hacker Era

2013-Present - The Decaying Era

This is what i think will happen in the next few years....

2013 - The Decaying Era

2014-2015 - The Closing Era

2015 - The Ending Era

What are the signs of decay?

No Advertisement: Last Advertisment i saw was way back in 2007ish, now all the care about is Club Penguin...

Too many Hackers: First Hacker appeared in 2011 then they have started to mess around today.

INSANE Membership Prices: They used to be $4.95, now they're $9.95! Disney is greedy and they only want MONEY.

Late Newsletters: They have gone from every friday to bi-monthly....

Lack of updates: The last big thing happened way back in Summer 2011, now it is all quiet.

What do you think? Comment!

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