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  • SodaDog


    August 4, 2014 by SodaDog

    My friend managed to find the Early phase files that were back in Beta 3. It has the OLDEST Create a Toon files along with the unused sellbot foot factory!

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  • SodaDog

    The Final Chapter

    July 1, 2013 by SodaDog

    Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Toontown Online must be "Profitable by the end of 2013" or else it will close. As with no recent advertisments or decent updates, it must be it. Hackers are getting worse and worse from spelling "words" to terroising toons.

    During this Era, this post will show the ending signs of Toontown Online.

    April 2013

    Lazy Newsletter Layouts: One thing i noticed that Disney was too lazy to make a new newsletter, so they bought out the old one and they changed the text drastically and toon positions, which do not look any different at all.

    June 2013

    10 Years Dissapointment: All they bought out is a hat, shirt, and some toon troopers slapped in. What Disney doesn't know is that its rare for a MMORPG to hit TEN YEARS, making the…

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  • SodaDog

    Signs of Decay

    June 29, 2013 by SodaDog

    2001-2003 The Beta Era

    2003-2004 The Olden Era

    2005-2008 The "Hollywood" Era

    2008-2010 Post-Cog HQ Era

    2010 - Early 2011 Publicity/Digital Era

    2012-2013 - Hacker Era

    2013-Present - The Decaying Era

    This is what i think will happen in the next few years....

    2013 - The Decaying Era

    2014-2015 - The Closing Era

    2015 - The Ending Era

    What are the signs of decay?

    No Advertisement: Last Advertisment i saw was way back in 2007ish, now all the care about is Club Penguin...

    Too many Hackers: First Hacker appeared in 2011 then they have started to mess around today.

    INSANE Membership Prices: They used to be $4.95, now they're $9.95! Disney is greedy and they only want MONEY.

    Late Newsletters: They have gone from every friday to bi-monthly....

    Lack of updates: The la…

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  • SodaDog

    Sellbots love to seal a deal - and it looks like the Cogs have sent out Glad Handers to call a truce with Toons?!

    After ten Toontastic years, are the Cogs finally ready to make peace? Or is this another tricky trap from those geared-up goons?

    We can't get a grip on this handful of a development... what do YOU think?

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  • SodaDog


    I have been a long time player of Toontown Online since 2004 and i never stopped playing until 2009, because i'd thought that i have been banned forever...

    I then remembered it in October 2012, and i was able to get my account back and vice versa, but everything isn't the same.

    • First off, the membership is now $9, really? How greedy Disney is. Even my mum flipped when she saw the price, but she was able to pay it. Also i know its budget cuts and recessions, but i just thought the membership price was way off! The price used to be $5!
    • Then.... DISNEY! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! There are those "hackers" or "lacks" around Toon Valley Toontown Central and they do everything to get attention from doing the victory dance in slow motion to doing …
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