Welcome to "Let's Take a Quiz! May 2012"! I'm doing this on behalf of Top Toon (because it's taking a break). I'm also doing this because you have voted me to continue "Let's Take a Quiz!"

On the other hand, i won't be able to give you any membership prizes. "Let's Take a Quiz!" will be a just for fun thing from now on.

  1. How many streets are there in toontown?
  2. Which Trolley game is the only one requiring 3 or 4 toons?
  3. Explain the entire summary of Sofie Squirt's toontask and its reward.
  4. Who is the fisherman in Walrus Way, the Brrrgh?
  5. Which gag is the level 4 Trap gag?
  6. Which gag do SOS Toons use to restock gags?
  7. How do you earn your Sellbot disguise?
  8. Which street leads to Cashbot HQ?
  9. Who is the boss of the District Attorney's Office?
  10. Who is the 5th Bossbot of the Corporate Ladder?

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