Welcome to Let's Take a Quiz! June 2012! Sorry about the delay. I had a free 2-week RuneScape membership and I also had fun on Jellybean Week.

1. What are the only multiplayer Trolley games?

2. Who gives you the last Toon-Up/Sound gag training film toontask?

3. Who is the shopkeeper of Anchor Management?

4. Give me a list of all the special emotes from the Cattlelog.

5. What's the mininum and maximum cog level in Polar Place?

6. What is the level 6 Toon-Up gag?

7. Who is the boss of the Sellbot Towers?

8. How many variations are there in each Cashbot Mint?

9. Who is the 7th Lawbot on the Corporate Ladder?

10. Which gag is the Corporate Raider's weakness? Explain why.

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