How well do you know Toontown? Let's take a quiz! Just answer the questions below and try to win a prize!

1. What does HQ Harry reward you during the Toon-Torial?

2. Who are the scientists in the Toon Hall?

3. What's the reward for Barnacle Barbara's Toontask?

4. Who's the shopkeeper of Spill The Beans Detective Agency in Elm Street, Daisy Gardens?

5. What are the 2 Trolley Games that were removed?

6. Where can you find the Countess?

7. Which gag is the the Mingler's weakness? Explain the reason.

8. How many parts of the Cashbot Cog Suit are there?

9. Who helps you through the Chief Justice battle?

10. Who's the boss of the Cog Golf Courses?

The prizes are as follows:

0: No membership. Better luck next time.

1-3: 1 month of membership. Good, but it's not enough.

4-6: 3 months of membership. Good job. You're doing it!

7-9: 6 months of membership. Excellent! Almost There!

10: 1 year of membership. Congratulations!!! You did it!!! Woohoo!!!

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