Bad news, everyone... I'm canceling "Let's Take a Quiz!" Why? Two reasons:

  1. I keep forgetting about it. In fact, I actually forgot to make last month's "Let's Take a Quiz!"
  2. I'm starting a new monthly thing on the whiteboard in my home called, "Quote of the Month", where we take a interesting and/or funny quote from a comic book or comic strip (e.g. "I'm Batman!" - Batman)

So now, I present, the final month of "Let's Take a Quiz!"

  1. There are two streets where the cog percentages are equal. What are they?
  2. Who's the Loony Labs scientist who gives you toontasks for your Lawbot Cog Suit?
  3. Where can you find the building, Affordable Goosebumps?
  4. Which Trolley activity was at first removed on the test server, and later removed on the live server?
  5. What's the maximum Laff limit you can get?
  6. What's the reward for Honey Moon's Toontask?
  7. Which is the only cog facility with only one variation?
  8. Who's the boss of the Cashbot Mint?
  9. Which District Attorney's Office is the hardest?
  10. How many cog battles are there in the CEO battle?

And now for the most important question in "Let's Take a Quiz!" One of the users who guesses it right will be able to win the ability to buy a 1-year Toontown membership.

Who'll be the boss of all cogs and which HQ will he reside?!

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