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aka Andi Johan Miranti

  • I live in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • I was born on January 25
  • My occupation is Cartoonist
  • I am Male
  • Smith ghast4

    R.I.P. Toontown

    August 21, 2013 by Smith ghast4

    Well, this is it, everyone. Toontown will be closed down in a month. I think another reason why is because of so many hackers, glitches, and other bad stuff. It's sad that they're closing, but that doesn't mean i'll give up editing the wiki. I've already became the top toon of May 2013, and it made me happy. Bye, Toontown. We'll miss you... But in the meantime, we can all have as much fun as a Toontown member can do, with some special events, before the big shut-down.

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  • Smith ghast4

    2000th article!!

    December 9, 2012 by Smith ghast4

    I made the 2000th article in Toontown Wiki! I reached the 2000 Article milestone! I think that article is Toontask:Teleport access to Toontown Central. I made the 2000th article in this wiki! AWESOME!!!

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  • Smith ghast4

    Bad news, everyone... I'm canceling "Let's Take a Quiz!" Why? Two reasons:

    1. I keep forgetting about it. In fact, I actually forgot to make last month's "Let's Take a Quiz!"
    2. I'm starting a new monthly thing on the whiteboard in my home called, "Quote of the Month", where we take a interesting and/or funny quote from a comic book or comic strip (e.g. "I'm Batman!" - Batman)

    So now, I present, the final month of "Let's Take a Quiz!"

    1. There are two streets where the cog percentages are equal. What are they?
    2. Who's the Loony Labs scientist who gives you toontasks for your Lawbot Cog Suit?
    3. Where can you find the building, Affordable Goosebumps?
    4. Which Trolley activity was at first removed on the test server, and later removed on the live server?
    5. What's the …
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  • Smith ghast4

    Welcome to Let's Take a Quiz! June 2012! Sorry about the delay. I had a free 2-week RuneScape membership and I also had fun on Jellybean Week.

    1. What are the only multiplayer Trolley games?

    2. Who gives you the last Toon-Up/Sound gag training film toontask?

    3. Who is the shopkeeper of Anchor Management?

    4. Give me a list of all the special emotes from the Cattlelog.

    5. What's the mininum and maximum cog level in Polar Place?

    6. What is the level 6 Toon-Up gag?

    7. Who is the boss of the Sellbot Towers?

    8. How many variations are there in each Cashbot Mint?

    9. Who is the 7th Lawbot on the Corporate Ladder?

    10. Which gag is the Corporate Raider's weakness? Explain why.

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  • Smith ghast4

    I got the 12000 jellybean limit in my bank plus my 120 limit in my jellybean jar today during Jellybean Week! WOOHOO!!!

    But sadly, I spent them on lots of stuff.

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