• Sir Skids Nickelton

    Hacker Stories

    January 14, 2011 by Sir Skids Nickelton

    Read The Title. It Gives Basic Description Of Topic.

    Hacker Story For This Post:

    I Was In CFO Waiting Room,When This Toon Was Floating. I Was Like "What The Heck" Then, The Toon Started Moving Diagonally, As If He/She Was On A Staircase. Then, He/She Started Pretending He/She Was Hitting A Golf Ball, It May Sound Funny, But It Is Still Hacking. Then, This Red Cat Started Running Around Everyone

    Summary- This Cat Was Hacking For Fun, And It WAS Funny, But Still, This Cat Has Found A Loop In The Servers To Do This. Not Threatening, But Still, A Hack Is A Hack.

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  • Sir Skids Nickelton

    Discuss Your Toontown Wiki New Years Resolutions. Mine Are: Continue To Make Relevant Edits And Not Spam Edits,Try To Rid Toontown Wiki Of Spam, Get More Achievements And Try To Get A Gold Achievement. Don't Hesitate To Say Stuff If You Think Other People Would Say "That's Stupid Why Do That" Because Hopefully, Unless They Are Trolling, They Won't.

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  • Sir Skids Nickelton

    Hi Everyone!!

    December 31, 2010 by Sir Skids Nickelton

    Hi Everyone!!I'm Sir Skids Nickelton.102 Laff Toonupless Tall Sea Green Dog At Time Of Writing This. Anyone Is Welcome To Post My Blog Page, But Please, No Swearing Or Racist Comments. Usual Rules. Please Follow These Rules On My Blog Page.

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