Dear [redacted],

We have banned your account based on the inappropriate language found within your chat log, shown below: 

  • August 21, 2013 1:02:07 PM PDT : search toontown on change dot ORGanization

The ban will begin once you review the Code of Conduct here: You will not be able to log in again until you review your ban and the Code of Conduct link above. 

Remember to keep it clean and keep it kind! You can also take this time to visit our netiquette page at: to learn more about online safety and manners. 

Thank you for understanding that this ban is intended to help keep the family of sites safe and fun for everyone. Please keep in mind that if you continue to break the Code of Conduct your account could terminated.

Thank you,

The Disney Online Team

This is the exact text of an email I recieved from Toontown. They are apparently not happy that people are spreading the word about the petition and have banned me, and likely many others, for telling people where you can find the petition. Saying this does not break the Code of Conduct, they just do not want the word spread. This is evil, even for Disney. What's the plan?

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