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  • Robobot1747

    All gags maxed!

    September 17, 2013 by Robobot1747

    I maxed ALL my gags today! I maxed drop yesterday, and then maxed my lure on the streets of TTC! And then ducks worshipped me. I had made it my goal to max all my gags before Toontown closed, and now I have! :)

    "Show no mercy. Show no fear." ~Good ol' J.C. Peppergoose

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  • Robobot1747


    August 23, 2013 by Robobot1747

    Dear [redacted],

    We have banned your account based on the inappropriate language found within your chat log, shown below: 

    • August 21, 2013 1:02:07 PM PDT : search toontown on change dot ORGanization

    The ban will begin once you review the Code of Conduct here: You will not be able to log in again until you review your ban and the Code of Conduct link above. 

    Remember to keep it clean and keep it kind! You can also take this time to visit our netiquette page at: to learn more about online safety and manners. 

    Thank you for understanding that this ban is intended to help keep the family of sites safe and fun for e…

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  • Robobot1747

    Anybody seen the "Toontown Loading" screen when they logged in? It shows a brown dog, a purple cat with a seltzer bottle, and a blue monkey behind a fence. A loading bar on it crawls up to 89% and gets stuck. Will try to reload and see what happens... Upon reloading it says "Retrieving Version Info" and takes far longer, but then TT opens normally Any idea what just happened?

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  • Robobot1747

    Do any of you guys know what happening to Nutty River today? It seems to bee resetting a lot. I witnessed it quiet when it came back on and some other toons told me it had reset four or five times! They said that Toontown was "testing" Nutty River. If any of you have any information, can you please tell me?

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