I am really, really, REALLY fed up (are you?) of Toontown not releasing any proper major updates since July 2011 (accessories.) Come on. That was 1 and a half years ago. I mean, TT are just getting really lazy about updates. I tried, since 2010 to send MANY emails to TT to update the game, and nowadays I am getting these stupid automated replies, like what is going on? I know they won't change after all our efforts. They just want cog this, cog that. It's BORING. Do you know WHY there are soooo many toons in Toon Valley, hosting game shows? (Like me?) WE ARE BOORED AND FED UP OF THIS COG "NONSENSE." WE CANNOT AFFORD A MEMBERSHIP, THEY ARE EITHER A RIP OFF OR NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR CURRENCY BECAUSE AT LEAST HALF OF THE TOON VALLEY TOONS ARE BRITISH. (As I hear them say.) Memberships do not sell in £ Pounds Sterling. So, what COULD we do to make TT a better game?

I mean, if there are NO major updates this year, I see TT closing in 2014. If they can make their "Club Penguin " SOOOO good with 500000000 members with constant updates, Toontown can be just as good! This is STUPID! Look at Stardoll! Constant updates! 200000000 members WORLDWIDE! Many are complaining. We need something GOOD AND DIFFERENT. TT SHOULD SELL MERCHANDISE LIKE THE OTHER GAMES. IT IS CHEAP AND EASY TO MAINTAIN, AND THEY WILL MAKE LOTS FROM IT IF THEY SELL WORLDWIDE. But like what? Please post all your ideas and opinions down here, and thank you all for reading this!

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