Should there be a fashion designing feature on Toontown, new for 2013? Such as, you can create your VERY OWN, yes, VERY OWN clothes and you can...

  • Use templates or draw out your own clothes
  • Put prints on them
  • Go CRAZZYYY and wild with imagination
  • and many more!

You can create...

  • Blazers
  • Tops/TShirts
  • Trackies
  • Skirts (any length!)
  • Shoes (even heels)
  • Costumes
  • Hairstyles/Wigs
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Make-Up?!? Eye colours?(you can do that in the Toontown Beauty Parlour which should also be a 2013 release)
  • And many more!!

I think you should also have the opportunity to change Toon name, species, colour etc anytime you want to.

Please, vote and write down what you think and further suggestions down below!

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