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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    If TT had released these kinds of wigs (not like the Elvis or Afro or Beehive ones we have right now) which of these would you like to see in the Cattleog?

    Pick as many as you like! Thanks! :D

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    I am really, really, REALLY fed up (are you?) of Toontown not releasing any proper major updates since July 2011 (accessories.) Come on. That was 1 and a half years ago. I mean, TT are just getting really lazy about updates. I tried, since 2010 to send MANY emails to TT to update the game, and nowadays I am getting these stupid automated replies, like what is going on? I know they won't change after all our efforts. They just want cog this, cog that. It's BORING. Do you know WHY there are soooo many toons in Toon Valley, hosting game shows? (Like me?) WE ARE BOORED AND FED UP OF THIS COG "NONSENSE." WE CANNOT AFFORD A MEMBERSHIP, THEY ARE EITHER A RIP OFF OR NOT AVAILABLE IN OUR CURRENCY BECAUSE AT LEAST HALF OF THE TOON VALLEY TOONS ARE B…

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    Should there be a fashion designing feature on Toontown, new for 2013? Such as, you can create your VERY OWN, yes, VERY OWN clothes and you can...

    • Use templates or draw out your own clothes
    • Put prints on them
    • Go CRAZZYYY and wild with imagination
    • and many more!

    You can create...

    • Blazers
    • Tops/TShirts
    • Trackies
    • Skirts (any length!)
    • Shoes (even heels)
    • Costumes
    • Hairstyles/Wigs
    • Accessories
    • Jewellery
    • Make-Up?!? Eye colours?(you can do that in the Toontown Beauty Parlour which should also be a 2013 release)
    • And many more!!

    I think you should also have the opportunity to change Toon name, species, colour etc anytime you want to.

    Please, vote and write down what you think and further suggestions down below!

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  • Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala

    yo peeps. There should be more TT development.

    Toon Parties for 2013 should be like this:
    JANUARY: Ski Festival (new ski centre opens in TTC near Goofy Speedway in December 2012 for Christmas festival, will feature lots of ski races, an apres ski lounge and ski fashions for everyone (but with some members only items.)
    FEBRUARY: ValenToons Festival, but with new Theme park near Chip N' Dale's. Valentine's colour scheme, featuring AWESOME rides (some for everyone and some members) and a luxury cruise, can play and request (REAL) music as long as you are a paid member and you have paid for it. Songs with "bad" lyrics should be checked and beeped out before being played.
    MARCH: "Oscars Party," dress up as your favourite movie stars! Can be fo…

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