Guys, it has been almost four and a half months since Toontown closed, and I have already cried many times over it. Seriously, we need to get Toontown back. We need to work together to achieve this, so...

Toons of the world, UNITE!

Seriously, this IS possible if we work together. What do we do exactly I hear you asking. Even if you are not saying it (and you most likely did NOT) you are most likely were at least THINKING it. We toon up, people who are still reading! We do this task at 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521, United States. That is right, fellow toons, Disney Interactive Studios Inc! That is right, aforementioned toons, I know where Disney Interactive Studios is! When do we do this, I am not sure yet. What shall we call it, Operation Toon Up! How will we toon up, listen to this...

Real Toons!

You read that right, real Toons! Well, not actual TOONS, us in toon COSTUMES. Not just roleplaying Toons, Cogs and Doodles too! I am no doubtingly being my doodle Oscar, but I have yet to start my costume. Doodlers, make box costumes. Tooners, make a costume however you feel is the best you can do. Cogers, check this out: More posts about this coming soon. Those who want a general idea of when this will happen, this should happen sometime in Summer 2014 or 2015, depending on how long this takes to prepare. One more thing, we need to make a trolley. I just need someone to comfirm they are making it. It needs to look like the Toontown Trolley and have speakers to play Toontown music. And remember...

Toons of the Wiki, to do this we must UNITE!

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